Curriculum – Kindergarten Interactive English Program (Interactive E.P.)

  Boriboonsil Rangsit School educational arrangement for pre-primary or early childhood education aims not only to cultivate good attitudes, but also to raise good perspective of children towards learning. We take professional pride that our students are happy, enjoy their learning and want to come to school where they treat as their second home with different environment. Every child warmly learns their new role in new society under the supervision of trained teacher who closely take care each individual child. This encourage children to fully develop their wisdom in a sustainable way. We support children to expand their wisdom in the following dimension; Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Critical Thinking Skill, Problem-Solving Skill, Social Skill, Creativity Skill. We promote children to have moral virtue and desirable characteristic according to curriculum

  Presently, the language knowledge has importance role for communication of the learning in a boundless global society. The educational academy has a duty to support young people to gain language knowledge for their preparation to step ahead and keep their pace in the international advancement

  In year 2015, BORIBOONSIL RANGSIT School opened bilingual curriculum for Kindergarten Year 1-3. We offered the class to children whose parents were interested to cultivate language skill for children. The curriculum provided a foundation of language study based on the continuous interactive learning method to cultivate children experience in bilingual environment (Thai and English). The interactions were arranged in 6 main activities

Rhythm and movement activities are the arranged activities that allow children to move their body independently in rhythm. The rhythm and music used for the activities can be clapping, song, percussion, drum, etc

Creative activities are activity related to various kinds art such as drawing, coloring, sculpting, printing, folding, cutting, tearing, patching and fabricating scrap materials for developing the creative process of beauty perception and encouragement each individual child to express themselves and their abilities

Free activities are arranged activities for children to play with the media and playthings freely in the playground area. Each activity is designed to respond to the child's natural needs

Experience promoting activities are arranged activities provided for children with listening, speaking, observation, thinking and experiments to create conceptual ideas and to expand skills in various ways such as conversations, questions or discussions, observations, educational tour and experiments according to learning process

Outdoor activities are arranged activities for children to enjoy at outdoor or indoor playground area. The activities primarily designed for children to express themselves freely based on their individual interest the ability of each child

Educational game activities are play activity based on the different types of games to provide learning and conceptual thinking for children about what they are learning

  According to the plan of integrated learning (Models of integration), the educational game activities are very well tool to cultivate good attitudes and good point of view towards learning for the children. They encourage the intellectual ability (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and moral intelligence (MQ) of the children as well as appropriately develop the children four aspects which are physical, mental and emotional, social, and intellectual aspects according to their age. The educational game activities are performed by international teachers participating with well trained and experienced Thai teachers

  The supplementary course or additional units and activities consist of activities for promoting the development and skill practice of physical education, swimming, international music, and recreation activities as well as the field trips, academic and linguistic skills competitions both inside and outside the school

Music lessons and intelligence

  The researches results show that apart from giving pleasure to human being, music can also increase the intelligence of students. While listening to complex music, or playing musical instruments, brain repeatedly being stimulated and this improves brain function especially the part related to Musical Intelligence and Spatial Intelligence part. Students are able to apply their knowledge and talent in everyday life, away from drugs and continue their study in a higher level

  Boriboonsil Rangsit School arranges Thai and international music education into group of arts and lessons provide to students by experienced teacher Ajarn Jaruwat INON. There are five main activities as follow

(Singing / Vocalizing )

(Dancing / Physical movement )

(Playing / Music instruments playing)

(Ear Training / Listening)

(Sight Playing / Musical notes reading while playing)

Semester / Term

Semester 1: May - September (approximately from May 16th to the end of September)

Semester 2: November - February (approximately from late October to end of February)

Summer Term 3 (Summer Session) : April - May (approximately from April 18th to early May)