Curriculum – Intensive English Program curriculum for primary and secondary (Intensive E.P.)

  Boriboonsil Rangsit School provides education in primary and secondary level that emphasized on enhancing emotional intelligence (EQ) to students for it is also important not less than intellectual intelligence (IQ). Students with both IQ and EQ will have good study result and succeed in their living as the worthy human resources for society. They can perform their duty well leading to benefits for oneself, family and nation. They students have ability and potential to successfully develop themselves in different way according to the Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Earl Gardner of Harvard University

Multiple Intelligences

Linguistic Intelligence includes meaning understanding and language usage, speaking and writing, language learning, the usage of language communication to achieve the goals, emotions and feeling expression to other people to understand

Logical-mathematic intelligence includes problem resolving, survey, calculate, and reason usage

Musical intelligence includes the understanding of rhythm and the musical creativity

Spatial intelligence includes the intelligence to see in overall picture or in related dimensions for creating imaginable picture and bring it to work piece

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence includes ability of creative body movement

Interpersonal intelligence includes social ability and intelligence, human relation leadership, understanding other thought and feeling, and capacity to motivate others well

Intrapersonal intelligence includes ability within oneself, the self-awareness and understanding, and ability to understand the inner feelings of other people

Active Learning

  Active Learning is educational management that encourages students to happily use their minds in learning which will lead to the enhancement of brain neurotransmitter to increase creativity, participation and doing action. This results student to be proud of what they learn or to have self-esteem, and motivates students to successfully learn from learning model that develops both IQ and EQ at the same time

  Presently, the learning in a boundless global society needs language as an important role in communication. The school has a duty to promote young people to have language knowledge in order to prepare themselves for international advancement

Intensive English Program and Chinese Program are offered for students in every level

Math and Science Interactive English Program are offered for students in primary level year 1-6 (grade 1-6)

Regular programs are offered for all students in primary level grades 1-6 and secondary level grade 7-12 to provide basis educational foundation for students to gain the skills they need for their continuous education. The regular program learning contents are divided into 8 groups of learning contents which are; (1) Thai language, (2) mathematics, (3) sciences, (4) social, religion and cultural studies, (5) health and physical education, (6) arts, (7) career and technology and (8) foreign languages. The program aims that every student has the required development to continue the future study in accordance with the national curriculum core for elementary education year 2008 from the Ministry of Education

Music lessons and intelligence

  The researches results show that apart from giving pleasure to human being, music can also increase the intelligence of students. While listening to complex music, or playing musical instruments, brain repeatedly being stimulated and this improves brain function especially the part related to Musical Intelligence and Spatial Intelligence part. Students are able to apply their knowledge and talent in everyday life, away from drugs and continue their study in a higher level

  Boriboonsil Rangsit School arranges Thai and international music education into group of arts and lessons provide to students by experienced teacher Ajarn Jaruwat INON. There are five main activities as follow

(Singing / Vocalizing )

(Dancing / Physical movement )

(Playing / Music instruments playing)

(Ear Training / Listening)

(Sight Playing / Musical notes reading while playing)