Boriboonsil Rangsit School has provided education: Pre-school preparation, Kindergarten year 1-3, Primary year 1-6 and Secondary year 1-6. Dr.Tanaporn SRIMATA and Gp.Capt.Thaveepol SRIMATA are founders. It was started to build on 9th October 2000. The first building was called “Petboriboon”

In year 2003 the school asked permission to build its first concrete and steel building. This four storey building with 23 class rooms was completely built on the 1st of May 2004 and was named “Thongchaluay” for honoring the school founder

In year 2007 the school asked permission to build its new five storey concrete and steel building with 24 class rooms for serving both primary and secondary students. The new building was given the name as “Wichayachote” which signified the glory of the philosophers

In the same year the school also built the multi-purpose building, prepared learning space for health education and physical education, arranged playground and sports equipment, repaired swimming pool for more security purpose. We chose Salt System swimming pool for the best benefit of the students as it was friendly to student hair and skin. The water did not irritate to student skin, hair, and eyes